a story of fat-fueled healing


When my mother was 48, she was killed in a car accident. I was 17.


For the first time in my life, I was completely alone and about to go to college. I had support in remaining family, but nobody could replace the love or commitment of my mother.

Today for the first time in my life, at age 38, my viewpoint has shifted from one of great loss, to one of life perspective.

Life is short, what are you going to do with it?

In the first few years after she died, life turned into a big adventure. I was in a weird sense free to explore new things, through the structure of college and study abroad. Life was my oyster.

After six years of an undergrad and grad degree, the structure I relied on dissolved. I remember lying awake at night, stunned by fear. I had followed all of life's rules and found lots of success, but it didn't add up to freedom.

I was alone. I was afraid. I was extremely unhealthy.

I had entered life as an adult in fear. Fear of not having enough. Fear of not being enough. My mind was run amok with shameful thoughts about my body and misunderstandings about romantic love. Once a successful high school athlete, my extreme lifestyle of work hard, play hard was ballooning my body.

I was living life “safe,” which turns out is not living at all.

I met my husband and started a healing process

We met while training capoeira, a Brazilian martial art. In my first few classes, we made serious eyes at one another. When I asked him out for coffee, he turned me down. Turns out it was for the best at that time.


The capoeira group became my young and energetic family. Our leaders repeated the mantra – everyone is capoeira – and together we joined to workout, sing in Portuguese and embrace one-another’s strange and delightful qualities. Thus began a process of radical self-acceptance.

A new life was peering around the corner.


Seven years later, my browned-eyed husband and I tied the knot. He’s a creative soul and he chooses to surround himself with constant inspiration – in art, training and music. His lifestyle was rubbing off. I started to recognize myself as a creative for the first time in my life. He helped me to abolish my body image nightmare.

He introduced me to low-carb eating and then ketogenic eating. We became a fat-fueled family of two. Together we are losing weight, gaining energy and finding freedom to live the life of our dreams.

I am healing - creating new habits

maui arms.jpg

We think we want to heal overnight. We want to lose the weight, stop the addictions, feel whole in our bodies (in six weeks!) The truth is the healing process can take many years, because it is healing of the mind, body and spirit. In my case, I had to feel secure in my life - that I was not alone. I had to radically accept myself for who I am and be empowered to discover my purpose. I’m taking it in strides everyday and am learning to help others along the way.

By day I am a marketing content strategist. By night I am a life and wellness coach. I am passionate about sharing stories of healing. I’m passionate about helping people quit their sugar and food addiction. I’m passionate about breaking out of old mindsets to discover the life that is seeking us!

I quit my sugar addiction 

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In the last two years I’ve lost more than 20 pounds and a whole lot of inches. I’ve learned to sleep soundly again, feel full energy and find my sharp mind.

And that is perfect for right now. It’s about the journey.

If you want to heal...

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