What Breakfast Cereal, Rice, Pizza, Pasta and Bread Do to Your Body — (And the delicious alternative)

If you eat breakfast cereal, pizza, rice, pasta or breads, you need to read this. This is especially for those office types whose day doesn’t include a whole lot of active movement. (Think 30–45 minutes of movement that makes you breathe harder.)

The food most Americans are consuming is damaging our bodies.

Here’s the deal. Every time you eat sugary snacks or a meal that is heavy in refined carbohydrates (such as the foods listed above), your system goes into overdrive to protect you from the consequences. Imagine punching the gas of your car over and over again, all day long.

When you eat cereal or toast for breakfast, punch. When you add flavored creamer to your coffee, punch. When you cut off half of the donut at 10am, punch. At lunch when you eat a salad from Panera that’s loaded with sugary dressing, punch. The hand-full of M&Ms at break time, punch.

You get the picture.

Our bodies are punching insulin into our systems to help break down the sugars and refined carbohydrates. Over and over again.

When you eat a meal heavy in refined carbs and feel the lethargic crash or need to take a nap, your system has been overcome.

When we repeat this behavior for months and years, our systems starts to break down. You know, that time in life when suddenly you can’t eat or drink the way you used to without getting a spare tire around the gut? Our tissues no longer respond to the insulin surge and in a worst case scenario, our mechanisms break. It’s called insulin resistance. This is the cause of type 2 diabetes.

If you’re like me, understanding the way my organs are working is like understanding magic. Sure, I can follow…somewhat. But for me it was about feeling what is going on in your body.

I learned to feel the effects of sugar and refined carbohydrates by experimenting.

I stopped eating sugar. I started tracking the carbohydrates I was eating on a regular basis and lowered that number. I felt what it was like to not have those punches throughout the day. Then I started to feel what it was like to control my hunger and appetite.

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Keto Foods

Full fat, very low carb, wholesome foods that fill you up.

This stuff is reversible, people!

I adopted a ketogenic lifestyle, where I satisfied my hunger regularly be eating fat instead of refined carbohydrates: real, grass-fed butter, creams, coconut and olive oils, avocados, prosciutto, full-fat cheese, meats with fat, salmon. I added lots of vegetables.

Now, I eat less, I’m in control of sugar cravings, I better understand the needs of my body and I’m happier. And it’s my mission to help others feel the same freedom.

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