How Ending A Sugar Addiction Changed My Life

I’m a big woman! My size and the amount of space I take in this world have always been on my mind. I’m an active woman! I’ve never felt that my body type reflected my behaviors. But instead of creating my own pity party, I decided to dig into the debacle as my grand experiment.

I tinkered and toyed with several ways of eating while I studied nutrition and health coaching. I tried detoxes, vegetarianism, whole grain-focused eating and intuitive eating (eating what feels right at any given time.) I practiced hardcore kickboxing workouts, running, yoga and mind-body dancing. I assessed my behaviors and even spiritual beliefs that were holding me back.

One major discovery about food opened up my entire life.

It wasn’t until I cut out sugars that I felt the spell my body was under. When I say sugars, I mean processed sugars, fruit sugars and refined carbohydrates (breads and grains) that act like sugar in the body. Yes, all of the sugars! I discovered my body and mind was working under comatose. My feet and ankles were retaining water, indicating inflammation. (Inflammation is the cause of every major disease.) My mind was clouded and slow, especially in the afternoons around 3 p.m. Every night I craved a bit of sugar after dinner. The night wasn’t complete without it!

I ended my sugar addiction, and everything changed.

Eating stopped being the first thing on my mind. My cravings for sugar were so rare, that I was easily able to identify the emotional causes of wanting to binge. What was my biggest reason for binging on sugars? My needs to get $hit done, perfectly. What? Yes, futurism and perfectionism. Ironically, the behaviors that allow me to achieve a lot in life have a grand consequence, my health.

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I will never regret the lessons I've learned from embracing openness and curiosity.

Are you willing to accept that your greatest asset could also be your greatest downfall?

This is where the process got downright spiritual. Who am I? Why am I here? How do I define my value and existence? Why do I believe what I do? Am I brave enough to let my beliefs crash down around me and then build them up again, in order to see the world in a new way and even heal my body? Phew, that’s getting deep! But that’s where I went, and I will NEVER regret the lessons I’ve learned from embracing openness and curiosity.

I broke all of the rules and adopted the ketogenic way of eating (WOE).

It breaks the rules. Many doctors, nutritionists and fitness gurus are unwilling to accept the practice. Why? The ketogenic way of eating scraps the idea of calories in-calories out. Calories don’t matter. What matters is the quality of the nutrients your putting in your body. And guess what? Fats, both planted-based and animal-based, are good for you. When you reduce your sugar and refined carbohydrate intake and eat fats instead, your body learns to burn the fat. You experience fat loss, hormone re-balancing and boosted brain activity. (Just to name a few.)

Brave people everywhere are catching on and forming a movement.

Diabetics are reversing their diabetes diagnosis, a doctor with muscular sclerosis no longer needs her wheelchair and the LA Lakers are discovering peak performance. The movement is rising from the underground, bucking claims that fat consumption causes disease and that our bodies need a large number of carbohydrates to function correctly. Are you someone who is willing to buck the system?

So I haven’t lost 100 pounds yet, but my body is working like a fine-tuned machine.

I see my body in a new light. Hunger no longer drives me. I feel energetic. I sleep like a dream. I accept my weird behaviors and am growing brave enough to change them. I’ve taken on this grand experiment of mind, body and spirit for myself in order to tell a story of healing. And maybe in the process I can help you too.

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