Keto Lifestyle Igniter - Online Course and Support Group

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Keto Lifestyle Igniter - Online Course and Support Group


This six-part video series will ignite your ketogenic lifestyle. Videos are posted to a private Facebook group, where your progress will be supported by myself and others who have participated in the Igniter course. Ask your questions along the way!

When you sign up for the course, you will be invited to the Facebook group and will have access to it FOREVER. As new Igniters join, you'll get to share your knowledge and experience, to help them along the way. 

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Your Six Modules:

Chew The Fat – Why fat has gotten a bad rap and the science that shows this belief is wrong. A step by step to how you will lose weight and feel endless energy when fueling with fat.

Food Glorious Food – Food group by food group details of what to eat to transform your body to a fat-burning machine.

Embrace the Change – How your body shifts in ways that are immensely awesome and temporarily perplexing.

Snacks All Around – From ice cream to pancakes, chocolate to wine – how to incorporate favorite treats and be prepared for snacking pitfalls.

Workout, What? – How to compliment your life change with mind, body and spirit action.

Re-Imagine Favorite Foods – Miraculous ingredients to recreate keto-approved comfort foods. Get on your chef’s hat, you’re about to experience deliciousness.